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Training need analysis of a workplace is important to ensure that the training being provided to the employees meets the health and safety requirements of the company. In training need analysis, the consultants review whether the health and safety training being provided by the company is relevant to the business of the company or not.

  • We provide training need analysis services to companies that ensure that the best possible training is being provided to the companys’ employees within the training budgets of the companies. Our services help the clients in preparing a training program that is suitable to the changing requirements of the workplace.
  • We comprehensively analyse each aspect of the workplace for identifying training needs of the company. As part of the training need analysis, we conduct site visits and meetings to determine the training required by operators, workers, supervisors and managers for fulfilling their role within the organisation. We investigate the activities and business processes of the organisation. We also take into account the statutory obligations and the goals of the company.
  • We organise surveys, focus group meetings, interviews and inspections for analysing the competencies of the employees. We study previous reports and records to identify the performance of the employees. We identify the task specific, general and risk specific competencies required for the employees. Based on our analysis, we identify the training requirements of the employees.
  • If the company already has a training program, we evaluate the training or induction that is already being provided to the employees.
  • Based on our investigations, we will prepare a report presenting the gap between the training needs identified by us and the training already provided to each level of the employees.
  • We also prepare training programs for companies that will ensure that the health and safety & other process’s goals of the company are met. The training program is accompanied by the budget if so required by the client.
  • We also conduct supervision of trainings to ensure that they meet the requirements identified by the training need analysis.
  • We always use to take feedback for our trainings and appreciate right person with deserving certificates