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Third Party Inspection (TPI) Services

Bhardwaj Group offers a wide range of testing and inspection services for all kinds of lifting and rigging tools and tackles including testing of:

  • Vessels
  • Shackles
  • Blocks and slings
  • Drilling equipments
  • Pedestal cranes
  • Tower crane
  • Overhead cranes
  • Lifting equipments

We offer one stop window for all statutory as well as voluntary inspection services for lifting tools and tackles. We conduct third party inspections that are either required under law or are part of the client’s risk profile. We also provide periodic inspection services to ensure that the tools and equipments can be used safely. We inspect the material handling equipments such as cranes, shackles, forklifts and hooks; as well as the personnel handling devices such as lifts, cable cars, elevators and escalators.

Inspections of lifting tools and tackles are important to ensure that the equipments and tools are fit for use. Inspection of the lifting tools and tackles helps in determining if any repair or replacements are required in any of their parts. Periodic inspection of such equipments is also a legal requirement in most jurisdictions. It is important to ensure that the equipments are safe for use as any defects and accidents due to the equipments affect the reliability and reputation of the company.

All our inspections are conducted in a thorough manner with careful assessment of the safety and integrity of the equipment and its fail safe mechanisms. We assess its operational safety for present and future use.

Inspection services for lifting tools and tackles that are offered by us provide the following advantages to our clients:

  •  Ensuring that the equipments are safe and in a proper working condition;
  •  Scheduling downtime and planned outages in a manner that there is least interruption in 
the operations;
  •  Ensuring that the equipments conform with the legal requirements;
  •  Meeting regulatory obligations of third party inspections; and
  •  Ensuring that the equipments meet the internal quality and safety standards of the client. 
The inspection services provided by us include:
  •  Non­Destructive Testing against the international standards;
  •  Visual inspections of the equipment and tools;
  •  Customised static and dynamic load testing services;
  •  Studying the design and calculations;
  •  Periodic testing of cranes and lifting equipments;
  •  Documentation of the inspection including a database of all the equipments tested by us;
  •  Detailed third party inspection and examination of the tools;
  •  Structural Integrity Analysis of the lifting tools;
  •  Assessment of the remaining life of the equipment;
  •  Inspection of the various parts and members of the equipments;
  •  Certification documentation for the lifting equipments and tackles;
  •  Testing the safe guards in the equipments; and
  •  Operational testing of the functioning of the equipment.
  • The inspection services for lifting tools and tackles are conducted by a specialised team of engineers and consultants. Our consultants are conversant with the latest industrial standards and the latest lifting tools. As our staff is trained in rope access, there is no need of scaffolding for testing the equipments at height. 
As part of the documentation of the inspection, we will highlight all non­compliances and safety concerns. We will also suggest any repairs and replacements required in the equipments. 
Addressing the risks highlighted after the survey is important to ensure functional integrity and safety of the lifting tools and tackles. We also assists in clients in implementing the suggestions and supervising the repairs in the post audit phase. 
We conduct the inspection and testing of the lifting tools and tackles in accordance with the legal requirements, the international standards and the industrial best practices.