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Companies need to regularly conduct safety audits in order to ensure that they comply with the laws governing occupational health and safety. Safety audits also ensure a safe and productive workplace for the employees of the company. Establishing a safe workplace protects the employees and the resources of the company. It also increases the productivity and efficiency of the company. Safety audits help in identifying workplace hazards and risks before such hazards adversely affect the safety of the workplace.

Bhardwaj Group provides specialised safety audit services to the companies for identifying existing and potential hazards. We conduct regulatory as well as voluntary first party, second party and third party safety audits using various risk assessment tools. We provide various strategic risk assessment services for strengthening the health and safety systems of companies.

We provide a variety of safety audit and risk assessment services including the following:

Legislative compliance assessment

We conduct systematic and streamlined safety audits starting with review of the processes, services and health and safety systems of the client. We check for any non­compliances with the health and safety laws. We identify any non­compliance risks and suggest changes in processes to avoid them. Our experienced safety audit team guides the companies in complying with the latest amendments in legislations.

Gap analysis

Gap analysis is a risk assessment tool which we use during safety audits to highlight any non­conformities with the baseline adopted by the company for their health and management system. We identify steps for better compliance with the identified baseline. We assist the companies in selecting a baseline such as an international standard or industrial best practices that will best suit their requirements.

Second party audits

We conduct safety audits and risk assessment studies of various contractors and suppliers. It is important for companies to get independent safety audits of their contractors done as any non­compliance by contractors could result in legal liabilities for the company

Workstation audits

Safety audits are important for non­industrial workplaces such as offices. As part of the workstation safety audit, we conduct a site visit. We also review documents, interview staff and assess the workplace processes and activities. We suggest measures that
help the company in maintaining a productive workplace and avoiding occupational health and safety problems. We also highlight any training needs for the employees or their representatives.

We provide comprehensive safety audit services. We review the health and safety policies, the business activities, the workplace processes and the health and safety management system of the client. After the audit, we prepare an audit report that we present to the company. We suggest measures or changes in processes or policies of the company that are required to maintain a safe workplace. We help the companies in developing a practical step­by­step action plan for reducing the risks posed by the workplace hazards.

Plant audits

We conduct safety audits of industrial plants in which we assess the risks from hazardous substances, dangerous goods, equipments, tools, structures and manual activities at the plant. We also conduct audits of work at heights and of confined spaces. Depending on the client requirements, our safety audits may also be confined to just one or more of these hazards. Safety audits for plants are crucial for companies who want to manage the risks of workplace accidents. Industrial plants are often high risk and independent assessments helps in avoiding mishaps, legal liability and bad publicity for the companies. We identify any training needs such as training for handling equipments and for ensuring safety levels during operations