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What Is SA 8000 Certification: Social Accountability

It is one of the world’s first auditable social standards following international workplace norms for decent workplaces. This social Accountability System standard is applicable to all kinds of organizations who want to address the social aspects of their organization. Whether is NGO, investment analysts, employees or other stakeholders, they wish to evaluate if your organization is committed to providing fair and equitable working environment for the employees or not.

Apart from it, people who are going to associate with you also evaluate your commitment towards transparent business practices. SA 8000 was released in October 1997 by SAI. It stands for Social Accountability International, a global multi-stakeholder standard-setting organization, which is responsible for managing human right in the workplace. Holding SA 8000 certification assures all of your stakeholders that social accountability is being maintained by your organizations/firm.

Benefits Of Sa8000

  •    It is responsible for maintaining greater transparency to the way you operate your business.
  •     It carves out a special image in front your, business associates and collaborators.
  •    Catering healthy environment for employees.
  •    To bridge the gap and build up cordial relationships between employee and employer
  •    For maintaining existing business as well as fetching new customers.
  •    To prove that your organization provides an equitable working environment.
  •    Being a socially accountable organization, it adds weight to your recognition.
  •    SA 8000 Certification helps you to emerge as an organization by which social accountability is maintained.

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