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Bhardwaj Group provides specialised health and safety gap analysis services to companies. We ensure that the health and safety management systems of our clients comply with the health and safety laws, the industrial best practices and the international standards.

As part of the gap analysis services we compare the current health and safety system of the company against the health and safety standard which the company aspires to. On basis of this analysis, we highlight the ‘gaps’ in the health and safety management system of the company. We prepare a detailed action plan to help the company address the gaps and meet the requirements of the health and safety standard.

We conduct health and safety gap analysis for different standards depending on the needs of the client such as the health and safety legislations, the international standards and the industrial best practices. We also help the clients to choosing an appropriate standard for the gap

The gap analysis services of the Bhardwaj Group help in fulfilling the following requirements of the companies:

  •  complying with constantly evolving health and safety legislations;
  •  ensuring compliance before regulatory checks and audits;
  •  preparing for getting ISO or other certifications for their management systems;
  •  identifying training needs;
  •  assessing and managing suppliers and other contractors; and
  •  ensuring fire and construction safety.

Our gap analysis services also highlight any actions points from the last audit that have not been complied with. We also provide continuous gap analysis services in which we report any new deviations from the standard and propose measures to address these deviations. The gap analysis services are particularly useful for companies that are undergoing major changes such as expansions or mergers and acquisitions. Gap analysis is also useful for complying with a standard that has been modified since the last audit. 
The gap analysis services provided by us include review of the existing operations, systems, records and processes. We also assess the level of employee training. Documentation review conducted by us during gap analysis entails review of the permits, licenses, internal manuals, registrations and other health and safety records of the company. We also conduct site visits of the facilities and workplaces to ensure thorough review of the business activities and to gauge the implementation of the company’s manuals and policies. We use tools such as surveys and interviews to examine the current training and the level of implementation of company’s health and safety policy. We consider the current methods of documentation and hazard risk management. The review is conducted in a manner that is cost effective and avoids causing 
business interruption.

We analyse the results of our review to highlight areas in which changes or improvements are required in the existing health and safety management system of the client. We recommend the changes or steps that should be taken to plug the existing gaps in the system. These changes may be changes in processes, new trainings or even policy changes. We discuss the possible suggestions and prepare a time bound action plan. Depending on client requirements, we assist the company in implementing the action plan and conduct routine follow up and assessments.