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We can provide a wide range of specialized construction design management (CDM) services including:

  •  making relevant notifications to the authorities regarding the project,
  •  assisting in fulfilling CDM obligations of the client,
  •  preparation of pre­construction plan for health and safety,
  •  coordinating with designers, architects, engineers etc. regarding their CDM functions,
  •  advising on suitability of contractors from HS&E perspective,
  •  guiding in HS&E aspects of the design,
  •  providing on­site HS&E support,
  •  designing and conducting induction programs, and
  •  maintaining HS&E record.
  • Construction Site Services
  • Safety Plans (Construction Stage)
  • Safety Plans (Design Stage/Preliminary)
  • Site Inspections
  • Safety File
  • OSH Safety Management
  •  Contractor management
  •   Induction Programmes
  •   Site waste management plans
  •  Co­ordinate design work, planning and other preparation for construction, with regard to health and safety.
  •   Identify and collect pre­construction information and pass to the relevant parties
  •  Produce or update a health and safety file.
  •   Advising on the competence of the designer and the contractors. Reviewing the health and safety plan 
prepared by the principal contractor and preparing the health and safety file.
  • Process Safety Management
  • Workplace Safety Management
  • Placement consultant:
  • Safety Professionals resource management 
  • Site Support
  • Policy Deployment & Review
  • Accident Investigation
  • Advisor Services