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  • Environment Health and Safety Training
  •  Road Safety 

  • Health and Hygiene 

  • Legal Compliances 

  •  Confined Space 

  •  Work at Height 

  •  Work Permit System 

  •  Emergency plan and procedure 

  • Fire Fighting 

  • Safety Documentation 

  • Safety Audit­Internal/External 

  • How to Prepare Safety Manual 

  • Risk Assessment/HAZOP/Fault Tree Analysis/What if Analysis/Job Safety 

  • Chemicals Hazard and Precautionary Measure 

  • Construction Hazards and Control Measure 

  • Ergonomics 

  • Electrical Safety 

  • Material handling 

  • Office Management 

  • Scaffold 
  • Hot Work 

  • Emergency Rescue Training 

  • Fire Mock Up Training 

  • Motivational Training 

  • First Aid Training 

  • Working on Fragile Roof 

  •  Housekeeping 

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  • Occupational Health Hazard 

  • Environmental Effects and Hazards 

  • Fire Extinguisher : Practical and Theoretical 

  •  Crane/Lifting Hoist 

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  • Excavation 

  • Welding/Cutting 

  • Why Safety

First Aid by St. John Ambulance

  • First Aid by Red Cross Society or St. John Ambulance (Ministry of Health & Welfare by Central Govt.)
  • The First help at work instructional class gives the exhaustive set of reasonable abilities equired by first aiders in many working environments to turn into a certain first aider at work. Giving both the capacity and learning to manage medical aid crises. It meets the gauges needed to assist conform to Health and Safety (First support) regulations.

Who ought to go to?

This course is intended for individuals who need to get our most exhaustive medical aid preparing.

What you will learn

The substance of the course will blanket how to manage the accompanying:
The role of the first aider Head injuries
Managing an emergency Health and safety (first aid) regulations
Communication and casualty care Low blood sugar
Asthma Poisoning
Bleeding (minor and severe) Resuscitation (adult CPR)
Bone, muscle and joint injuries Seizures (adult)
Burns and scalds Severe allergic reaction
Chest pains (including heart attack) Shock
Choking (adult) Spinal injuries
Eye injuries Stroke
Fainting Unconscious casualty


Successful candidates receive a St John Ambulance or BG certificate.