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What Is ISO TS 16949:2009

It belongs to the family of ISO 9001:2008, which demonstrates the quality system requirement in respect of product, installation, development, design and servicing of automotive related products. The automobile component manufacturers and suppliers have to comply with the ISO TS 16949:2009 certification in order to make their entry into the prominent market to supply to the automotive OEMs.

It has been adopted by a number of major automobile companies in the supply chain. It has become the most sought after certification among the automotive product manufacturers and suppliers. The reputed automobile company like GM, ford, fiat, Volkswagen and Japanese Auto believe in recognizing this certification. This standard was developed by the IATF, which stands For International Automotive Task Force.

Benefits O ISO/TS 16949 –

  •    This certification is widely known among the major automotive companies.
  •    It is committed to globally accepted quality management system.
  •    Having ISO/TS 16949 certification demonstrates the reduction in errors and constant development of quality standards in the organization.
  •    Demonstrates the improved quality and quality oriented production
  •    It ensures that the organization is adhered to work more effectively.
  •    It emphasizes on defect prevention.
  •    It also reduces the waste in the supply chain
  •    Having this certification means, the organization is dedicated to meet the customer requirement.
  •    In order to reduce the operating costs.
  •    It also improves and lifts up the value of the organization including its staff, business associates, and suppliers.
  •    To fetch more businesses and win the trust of the potential customers.

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