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  1. What Is ISO 13485 –

The ISO 13485 certification stands for meeting the comprehensive requirement for a QMS. Possessing ISO 13485 serves a practical foundation for the manufacturing units and suppliers that they are committed to maintain the safety and quality of medical devices. The ISO 13485 certifications is globally recognized and accepted ISO 9000 quality management standards series. The motto behind developing this certification is supporting medical device manufacturers and suppliers in order to design a quality management system adhered to establish and maintain the effectiveness of their process.

The ISO 13485, the quality management system is dedicated to address the development, regulatory purposes, and implementation. It is originally developed in 1990 and similar to ISO 9001. But ISO 13485 has additional requirements belong to medical devices. This certification ensures the safe process of installation, production, development, and designing. It is required to hold by the manufacturing units to leave the direct impact on their effectiveness including the safety of users and patients. It becomes hard to make a legal entry into the prominent and major markets for the manufacturer and suppliers if they do not hold ISO 13485 certification.

      2. Benefits Of 13485

  •    Holding 13485 lifts up the value of the manufacturer and suppliers into the major markets.
  •    This certification is recognized worldwide and increase access to more market.
  •    Highlight how to review and go through the constant improvement process.
  •    It takes customers in belief that your products are safer and more effective
  •    It meets customer and user  expectations
  •    The ISO 13485 meets regulatory.


  •    What is  ISO 29001 certification

The ISO 29001 standard based on ISO 9001 and incorporate supplementary requirements revolves around the oil and gas supply chain. The organization of all sizes indulging within the oil and gas industry supply chain can be ISO 29001 accredited. This certification has been developed as a direct result of a partnership between ISO and the international oil and gas industry. It is dedicated towards design, installation, service of petroleum, production, reduction of variation and waste from natural gas product service providers. This certification is responsible for providing global consistency as well as improving assurance in the supply quality of goods and services from providers. This standard is applicable to all organizations indulged oil and gas industry supply chain. Having this certificate ensure standardization and improvement within the sector. It’s a kind of quality management system which discuss and demonstrates the right procedure. These days it has become essential to have ISO 29001 certification in this field because of the high level of quality is high in demand.


  •    Benefits Of ISO 29001 Certification
  • For increasing contracts and prospects.
  • It is very helpful to demonstrate your commitments towards industry best practice to stakeholders.
  • It also improves the way you manage risk and increase performance.
  • ISO 29001 reduces waste in the supply chain, improves the quality and defect prevention.
  • This standard is required in order to secure contracts.
  1.    What is ISO 31000 certification: Risk Management Element of an ISMS

The ISO 31000 serves guidelines on how to manage risk management in organizations. It does not only cover information security risk but other types like market, currency, credit, operational etc., as well. The ISO 31000 is responsible to explore basic principles of risk management as well as provide a general framework including a PDCA cycle. Any kind of organization can apply to become ISO 31000 certificate holder. Though it does not provide a specific methodology in respect of information security risk management, but still it is high in demand. This standard belongs to the family of standards related to risk management codified by the International Organization for standardization. The serves principles and generic guidelines on risk management, which is required for the organization to have. This standard belongs to a part of a family of International Standards issued by the International Organization for standardization. This certification serves you all about that how to manage a systematic, transparent and reliable way.


  1.    Benefits of ISO 31000 certification: Risk Management Element of an ISMS


  •    It improves management system performance.
  •    It is helpful to protect your business as you grow.
  •    Having this standard makes stakeholder to have trust on you.
  •    It reduces the cost.
  •    It demonstrates that you are committed to protecting your organization against risk.
  •    ISO 31000 is a kind of standard that protects the long-term financial stability and reputation of your organization.
  1.    What Is ISO 14001-

The ISO 14001 is a globally accepted standard certification, which highlights that how to create an effective environmental management system at your organization. This certification is dedicated to help businesses to be accountable towards the environment. Holding this certification assures your business associates and customers that the organization is not overlooking environmental responsibilities and impacts. ISO 14001 associates to the ISO 14000 family of environment management standards.

These days stakeholders and customers always ask for ISO 14001 certification before getting indulged with the organization. Having this certification helps to prove your stakeholders, customers, and staff that you are dedicated to your environmental obligations. An organization or firm, which hold ISO 14001 safeguards the business strategies and adhered towards environmental performance improvement. The ISO 14001 covers various topics regarding environment management system including operations, supports, planning, leadership, improvement and performance evaluation.  

  1.    Benefits Of ISO 14001 –
  •    It reduces waste and energy use
  •    It is beneficial to cut the cost of running your business
  •    Showcases compliance to expand the horizon of business opportunities
  •    To meet the legal obligations in order to win customer and business associate trust
  •    It carves out your company’s image.
  •    To improve your green credential
  •    To attract potential customers and business associates
  •    Holding this certification also play a crucial role to reduce taxed and liability insurances.
  •    It helps you to motivate your environmentally conscious employees, staff, and stakeholders.
  •    To reduce environmental risks
  •    It improves corporate citizenship within an environmental context.

What Is ISO 20000 certification: Information Technology -

ISO 20000 is a globally recognized Information Technology Service Management Standard, which has been designed in order to shape consistency. It is beneficial for not only employees but for clients too. This internationally recognized standard describes a set of management processes, which is responsible for delivering more effective IT services. The ISO 20000 certification was published by ISO and ICE, which stand for the International Organization for Standardization and The international Electoral Commission.

A number of countries are following the standard presently. It is applicable to any organization without considering its size or industry. The motto behind developing the standard to mirror the best practices according to the IT Infrastructure Library Framework. The certification comprises of two parts ISO 20000-1 and ISO 20000-2. Earlier, this standard was known as BS 15000. These days the adoption of ISO 20000 has grown quite rapidly and high in demand on the international level.

Benefits Of ISO 20000 certification: Information Technology

  •    Having this certification means the organization is committed to cater the Cost efficient and effective services.
  •    It improves relationships with the business associates, clients and customers.
  •    This certification helps to achieve the competitive edge over the business competitors and prominent rivals.
  •    The ISO 20000 certification also Increases market share.
  •    To build up the confidence of the business and the customer.
  •    To demonstrate that you are committed to Improving the quality, reputation and consistency of service.
  •    It reduces organizational risks and cost booth.

•    It showcases that your organization adheres to meet contractual requirements.

  1.    What Is ISO 20121 Certification: Event Sustainability Management

The ISO 20121 certification plays a crucial role to minimize your impact not only on the environment but on local communities too. Apart from it, this certification also maximizes performance as well as trust from all stakeholders. It provides a kind of framework to figure out the potentially negative social, economic and environmental impacts of events by eliminating them. In order to create this certification, more than 30 countries and liaison bodies belong to event industry participated.

The ISO 20121 serves guidance and best practices regarding Event Sustainability Management in order to help you manage your event and control its economic, social and environmental impact easily. This certification has been developed in order to reduce the significant waste, which put a strain on local resources like energy, water etc. This certification helps to make your event sustainable without paying attention over its size.

  1.    Benefits Of ISO 20121
  •    It is helpful in order to cut costs through better energy and waste management
  •    It is integrated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to churn out better results
  •    The ISO 20121 certification inspired by London 2012, is committed to figure out the best ways to improve event planning and delivery
  •    This certification achieves best practice levels of efficiency and performance both at the same time.
  •    Holding ISO 20121 certification demonstrates roles and responsibilities for stockholders, business associates, staff, contractors and suppliers
  •    To minimize the negative impacts on the communities, local economy, and the environment.
  •    This certification is dedicated to maximize the positive impacts.


  • What Is ISO 27034 Certification: Information Technology


It is an internationally recognised standard stands for application security. If you indulge in a kind of business belongs to produce software, you need to be ISO 27034 accredited. Holding this certification helps to take the clients in confidence and they easily trust you that you are security conscious. There are many industries like healthcare, public sector, defence, aviation, medical device, industrial control, financial services etc., are looking for the genuine and reputed companies for building software keeping security factor in the mind. If your business is ISO 27034 accredited, your customers easily trust you. Your clients would not like to assign you if your business is not security conscious as all vulnerabilities make your organisation more insecure. ISO 27034 is loaded with many terms, concepts and activities that most businesses are unfamiliar with. This standard is developed and published by the International Organisation for Standardization. It provides a globally recognises framework in respect of best-practice information security management.



  • Benefits Of ISO 27034 Certification: Information Technology




  • It has sevens parts covering guidelines through techniques and validation through assurance. It adds value to the organization.
  • Application security control factor makes your customers to trust you.
  • Having ISO27034 demonstrates that your organization is security conscious and accountable towards customers.
  • ISO 27034 carves out a special image of organisation among the competitors.
  • To get in the prominent market, ISO 27034 certification helps a lot.
  • It demonstrated that the organisation is committed to serve you quality based security which will not be compromised at any rate.



  •    What Is ISO 38500 Certification

ISO 38500 certification explores the principles for directors of the organisation, whether it is directors, partners or senior executives about  the effective, acceptable and efficient use of information technology within their firm. It provides principle, model, and definition for all governing bodies to use when monitoring, directing and evaluating the use of IT in their business. This standard holds a number of sources including AS 8015, which possess six principles which establish responsibilities, plan to best support the organization, acquire validly, ensure perform when required, ensure conformance with rules and ensure respect for human factors. It is a globally recognized standard developed in order to guide corporate governance of information technology through a framework of practices for IT oversight. The motive behind developing this certification is to make IT governance a critical component of corporate governance. This certification derives from an earlier international standard , ISO 29382.

  •    Benefits Of ISO 38500 Certification


  • It emphasizes on the accountability, ensuring and assigning all the IT risk, which helps your stakeholder to have trust on you.
  • Having the ISO 38500 standards helps to organize to apply appropriate measures and mechanisms.
  • It makes your clients trust you as it demonstrates that you are adhered to follow the latest data protection.
  • The certification emphasizes over the topic of IT governance.
  • ISO 38500-certification framework holds six guiding principles which require for good corporate governance.



What Is ISO 50001 certification: Energy Management System

These days this certificate is high in demand as effective energy management is not just only good for business, but it has emerged as a prominent requirement as well. To become ISO 50001 certificate holder, the firm needs to apply for it. It focuses mainly only energy management practices which are considered to be the best on an international level. This certificate is being followed more than 60 countries. It plays a crucial role to save energy, cut costs and make you able to go along with the environmental requirements. ISO 50001 certification is a kind of proven framework for industrial facilities, commercial facilities or an entire organization to manage energy having its all aspects of energy procurement and use. These days it is the most sought after certificate among the new age manufactures, energy service companies, corporations, utilities and other prominent organization in order to cost and carbon emissions.

Benefits Of ISO 50001 certification: Energy Management System

  •    It demonstrates that the organization is committed to cut energy consumption and bills in order to overall performance.
  •    Having this certificate improves the overall performance of the firm.
  •    It carves out a unique image of the firm which is adhering to identify and manage the risks surrounding you future energy supply.
  •    It takes your stakeholders in the belief that you hold protective nature towards the environment.
  •    This standard reduces carbon emission.
  •    It helps significantly to cut energy costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

What Is ISO 28000 certification: Security Management System

ISO 28000 certification has been developed in order to respond to the transportation and logistics industries, which require commonly applicable security management system dedicated to supply chain security. It is very helpful to assess security risks, mitigate arrangement in order to manage potential security threats, chain quality, safety etc. These days ISO 28000 certification is high in demand as a global transportation of goods has become very tough because of poses many threats for an organisation including smuggling, terrorism, theft etc. It fetches a number of benefits for the organisation without considering the size of the company. Having this standard allows you to respond to the increasing customer demands for proof of systematic security management. It boosts up the business’s confidence, reputation, image and growth.

Benefits of ISO 28000 certification: Security Management System

  • It helps to achieve a competitive advantage and win the trust of new business, customers and clients.
  • This standard also encourages business to secure their own processes within supply chains
  • Make your stakeholders trust you seeing that your organisation’s commitment towards safety of goods.
  • It allows management to keep a close eye over the finite resources in area of greatest concern.
  • It scripts a success story of the organisation’s security management practices along with international best practice.
  • It is also helpful to bring down the cost.
  • To improve efficiency across working practice.
  • It applies to any organisation whether it is involved in storage, transportation or manufacturing.
  1.    What Is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification


It is a globally recognized certification designed in order to match precise requirements and needs. It is a kind of management system which revolves around food safety addressed through the analysis and control of chemical, biological and physical hazards. It applies to you whether you are the manufacturer or distributor. This certification is responsible for preventing of hazards. It can be used at all stages of a food chain where the firm is indulged in the food product, packing or distribution. As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agricultural, it is mandatory for the firm to have HACCP certification in order to maintain food safety. The HACCP certification goes beyond inspecting the finished food product in order to find, correct and prevent hazards. It was developed in 1960 by the Pillsbury company for maintaining food safety keep the health of astronauts. Then it has become the standard for food safety management system all across the world. It can be applied to all stages of a food supply chain right from food production, preparation, packaging to distribution.


  1.    Benefits Of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification
  •    To gain more trust from your customers and clients regarding your product and its quality.
  •    It helps you to get an entry in the prominent market.
  •    Having an HACCP certificate means your organization is committed to maintaining the quality and safety regarding food.
  •    To script a strong image in front of the customers.
  1.    What Is SA 8000 Certification: Social Accountability

It is one of the world’s first auditable social standards following international workplace norms for decent workplaces. This social Accountability System standard is applicable to all kinds of organizations who want to address the social aspects of their organization. Whether is NGO, investment analysts, employees or other stakeholders, they wish to evaluate if your organization is committed to providing fair and equitable working environment for the employees or not.

Apart from it, people who are going to associate with you also evaluate your commitment towards transparent business practices. SA 8000 was released in October 1997 by SAI. It stands for Social Accountability International, a global multi-stakeholder standard-setting organization, which is responsible for managing human right in the workplace. Holding SA 8000 certification assures all of your stakeholders that social accountability is being maintained by your organizations/firm.


  • Benefits Of Sa8000 -


  •    It is responsible for maintaining greater transparency to the way you operate your business.
  •     It carves out a special image in front your, business associates and collaborators.
  •    Catering healthy environment for employees.
  •    To bridge the gap and build up cordial relationships between employee and employer
  •    For maintaining existing business as well as fetching new customers.
  •    To prove that your organization provides an equitable working environment.
  •    Being a socially accountable organization, it adds weight to your recognition.
  •    SA 8000 Certification helps you to emerge as an organization by which social accountability is maintained.
  1.    What Is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification

It is a kind of system that ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled as per the quality standards. Following this standard helps to reduce the risk involved in any pharmaceutical production and the great things is that it can be eliminated through testing the final product. The GMP standard covers all aspects of the product right from the starting materials, equipment being used and the premises where the production is being gone on. It is required to keep a close eye on all these steps as they can affect the quality of the finished product. This certificate is issued by HAS and granted when the manufacturing facility is audited and found satisfactory and can go along with the required GMP standard. The GMP certificate remains valid for the 3-year front he dates of assessment. It is issued in the name of the firm.

  1.    Benefit of What Is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification
  •    It assures about the safe and quality of food.
  •    It enhances the value of your organization and firm.
  •    Having Good Manufacturing Practice certificate plays a vital role to take your customers in confidence
  •    It demonstrates that your firm is committed to serving high-quality food following safe procedure.
  •    Holding this certification makes you able to get entered in the major market.
  •    It lifts up the credibility as well as offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace for contract manufacturers.
  •    It decreases the time and cost.
  •    It demonstrates that your organization is committed to maintaining quality and purity.
  •    ISO TS 16949:2009 certification: Automotive Production Quality Management System


  1.    What Is ISO TS 16949:2009 –

It belongs to the family of ISO 9001:2008, which demonstrates the quality system requirement in respect of product, installation, development, design and servicing of automotive related products. The automobile component manufacturers and suppliers have to comply with the ISO TS 16949:2009 certification in order to make their entry into the prominent market to supply to the automotive OEMs.

It has been adopted by a number of major automobile companies in the supply chain. It has become the most sought after certification among the automotive product manufacturers and suppliers. The reputed automobile company like GM, ford, fiat, Volkswagen and Japanese Auto believe in recognizing this certification. This standard was developed by the IATF, which stands For International Automotive Task Force.

  1.    Benefits O ISO/TS 16949 –
  •    This certification is widely known among the major automotive companies.
  •    It is committed to globally accepted quality management system.
  •    Having ISO/TS 16949 certification demonstrates the reduction in errors and constant development of quality standards in the organization.
  •    Demonstrates the improved quality and quality oriented production
  •    It ensures that the organization is adhered to work more effectively.
  •    It emphasizes on defect prevention.
  •    It also reduces the waste in the supply chain
  •    Having this certification means, the organization is dedicated to meet the customer requirement.
  •    In order to reduce the operating costs.
  •    It also improves and lifts up the value of the organization including its staff, business associates, and suppliers.
  •    To fetch more businesses and win the trust of the potential customers.

ISO 9001:2008 certification: Quality Management System


  •    What Is ISO 9001:2008 Certification : Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2008 certification is being used by both customers and companies since it is responsible for controlling their quality. Holding this certification means the organization is engaged to provide the products which meet the customer and applicable statutory. This certification specifies requirement in respect of quality management system. It is required for an organization to demonstrate its ability to consistently serve the kind of product which go along with the taste of customers and meets their expectations.

Holding this certification ensure a philosophy of constant improvement in all aspects of your business. It is an international standard dedicated to the quality management system. It is applicable to any organization, whether it is business sectors or activities. ISO 9001:2008 revolves around eight quality management principles, customer focus, leadership, the involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, decision-making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

Benefits Of ISO 9001:2008

  •    It helps to involve top management in the improvement of the quality management system.
  •    Holding ISO 9001-2008 certification helps the organization to carve out an image as a customer-focused organization.
  •    It ensures about the organization that is dedicated to customer’s satisfaction through various aspects including delivering services, providing support functions, producing quality based product, meeting customers’ expectation and so on.
  •    The continual improvement in products and service helps to take the customers in belief.
  •    ISO 9001:2008 lifts up the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  •    ISO 17025 certification: Laboratory Management System


  1.    What Is ISO 17025 Certification

The ISO 17025 was first developed in 1999 by ISO and IEC, which stand for International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. This globally recognized and the single most important standard dedicated for calibration and testing laboratories all across the world. Laboratories which hold this certification ensure that they are technically competent and loaded with the incredible power to produce precise and accurate test/calibration data.

This certification is dedicated to the quality management system requirements, which are relevant in respect of calibration services, technical competence, and testing. In simple words, this certification specifies the general requirement for the competence in order to carry out the accurate test and/or calibration data.

This standard revolves around calibration and testing following standard methods, laboratory-developed and non-standard methods. It is the amalgamation of five elements; Scope, Normative References, Management Requirements, Terms and Definitions and Technical Requirements. It determines the correctness and reliability of the tests and calibrates which are performed in the laboratory. It ensures that it will not be harmful to others.


  1.    Benefits Of ISO 17025 Certification


  •    It helps to gain your laboratory international recognitions.
  •    It demonstrates the commitment to competency, quality, and reliable results.
  •    The laboratory having this certification ensures to produce tested products.
  •    To get entry into the prominent market.
  •    It improves the images and perception towards the laboratory.
  •    It helps to win the trust of the customer and meet their requirements.
  •    Because of generating accurate results, it helps to save the cost and time both at the same time.
  •    ISO 21500 certification: Guidance on Project Management


  1.    What Is ISO 21500 Certification –

The globally recognized certification is dedicated to guidance on project management, which is based on PMBOK framework. It covers the prominent five stages of the project lifecycle and they are Initiating, Planning, implementing, controlling and closing. The ISO 21500 standard provides a kind of guidance for project management, which can be used by any type of organization without considering its size whether it is public, community or private. This certification serves a high-level description of concepts and processes, which is required to form good practice in project management.

The ISO 21500 has been developed to target the senior managers, project sponsors, project management teams, project team managers, project managers etc.  The structure of ISO 21500 can be categorized into four clauses and they are dedicated to particular content. For instance, Clause 1 associates to the management of projects, Clause 2 is all about project management terms and their definitions, clause 3 explores the concept plays a significant role and clause 4 is dedicated to the project management process which should be applied to the whole process. It has been written in order to manage and improve the processes or a certain aspect.

  1.    Benefits of ISO 21500 Certification –
  •    It encourages the people regarding the transformation of knowledge between projects and organization in order to improve the project delivery.
  •    It plays a crucial role to promote the flexibility of the project management employees.
  •    It enhances employee’s ability to work on international projects.

•    To go along with the globally recognized project management principles and processes.

  •    ISO 22000 certification: Food Safety Management
  1.    What IS ISO 22000 Certification

The ISO 22000 Certification is a globally recognized standard designed for any business in the entire food chain involvement as a producers of equipment, additives, cleaning agents or packaging material to ingredients. The certification ensures food safety at every link of the supply chain. The ISO 22000 was established in 2005 and it applies to organization of all size.

This certification is dedicated to ensure food safety covering the key components, whether it is system management, interactive communication or implementation of pre-requisite programs. The ISO 22000 is compatible with ISO 9001 quality management system and dedicated to a comprehensive cost-effective food safety management system. To get in the major market, an organization needs to hold this certificate in order to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards.


  1.    Benefits Of IS ISO 22000 Certification


  •    Having this certification means, the organization demonstrates the ongoing commitment to food safety.
  •    It plays a crucial role to prove your integrity to the market.
  •    ISO 22000 increases consumer confidence in your brand/product/service.
  •    Since it avoids the cost of multiple audits, it saves not only time but cost as well.
  •    For the continuous improvement in processes and performance to enhance the value of your business.
  •    This certification is respected by the government, customers, food safety experts and business associates worldwide.
  •    It scripts an amazing identity of your business at the forefront.
  •    To build suppliers and stakeholders confidence in your hazards controls.
  •    It introduces transparency to make sure that your organization is committed to raising the accountability and responsibility.
  1.    ROHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC certification


What Is ROHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC CERTIFICATION?

ROHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances which is also known as directive 2002/95/EC. It originated in the European Union in order to restrict the use of specific hazardous materials found in electronic and electrical products. As per this certificate, these substances are banned like Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls, and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers etc. Actually, these above-mentioned material are considered hazardous to the environmental as well as pollute landfills. They are very dangerous and make the environment very polluted. It is applicable to any kind of business that indulged in selling applicable electronic products, distributors, sub-assemblies or components directly to EU countries etc. It motto behind developing this standard is to tackle the fast increasing waste stream of such products that harm the health of human and environment both. It encourages the organization to treat e-waste in a proper way as well as motivate them to reduce the volume that goes to disposal.

Benefits of ROHS

  •    It reduces damage to people and the environment both.
  •    It demonstrates that your organization is aware regarding the environment and committed to making it pollution free.
  •    It reduces administrative burdens.
  •    To win the trust of the stakeholders going to associate with you.
  •    It saves both time and cost.
  •    Reduced risk of being exposed to market surveillance.
  •    Holding ROHS certificate is an easy way to show compliance to your producers.
  •    It demonstrates that your organization is accountable towards the environment.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification: Quality Management System


What is ISO 9001-2015

ISO 9001-2015 certification applies to any organization without considering its size or industry. Presently, more than one million organizations all across the world have applied for this certification. ISO 9001-2015 is dedicated to the quality management system. Holding this certification is beneficial in many ways and demonstrate that the organization dedicates to continual improve, organize processes and improving the efficiency of processes. There are many organizations that still hold ISO 9001 and being encouraged to switch to ISO 9001-2015.   

It demonstrates that the organized hold a burning desire to serve customer satisfaction following effective application of the system including the improvement based process, applicable statutory, regulatory requirement and so on. According to ISO 9001-2015, assessing and measuring the input and output of the processes is emphasized a lot. It allows not only check but keeps a close eye over that if the good articles come out of the manufacturing units or not.

Benefits of ISO 9001-2015

  • It helps the organization to take their customers in believing that they are highly dedicated to improving the quality.
  • Having ISO 9001-2015 certification means customers will receive high-quality products and services from the organization/firm.
  • The organization, which possesses 9001-2015 certification, is adhered towards making the customers satisfied.
  • Having this certification means quality and contentious improvement associates to your organization.
  • It brings better integration with other kinds of business activities
  • It allows top management to get in.
  • Higher emphasize towards performance monitoring.

What is CE Certification

CE stands for Conformite Europeene which is a French phrase which literally means European Conformity. It is considered mandatory for certain products sold within the European Economic Area. The mark of CE is very much familiar all around the world. Holding CE mark demonstrates that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. This widely recognized mark indicates that the product which is being purchased or sold comply with stringent EU product safety directives. CE certification is also required for all recreational boats entering or being sold in the region of the European Union. Having CE marking to a product declares that the manufacturer meets all the legal requirements and that particular product having a CE mark can be sold throughout the European Economic Area. Apart from it, CE mark showcases that the product made in other countries which are sold in EEA.

Benefits of  CE Certification

  •   Having CE certification allows the manufacture to freely circulate their products all across the 30 countries of the European Economic Area.
  •    The CE Certificate demonstrates that the manufacturer is going along with the standard.
  •    It takes the users in confidence that the product is safe for the users.
  •    It also very helpful to reduce damage and liability claims.
  •    It adds value to your product as well as makes your firm recognizable.
  • Holding CE certification encourages towards maintaining and serving quality based product design and manufacturing process.
  •    To improve the product quality.
  1.    What Is ISO 22301 Certification

This standard is established by leading business continuity experts in order to provide the best framework for managing business continuity in an organization. It has been development to protect companies from the risks. It has developed by ISO/TC 223, societal security, which applies to any organization without considering its size or type. It is technical committee, which develops standards for the protection of society from the emergencies, incidents and disasters caused by the unintentional and intentional human acts, technical and natural hazards.

BCM stands for Business Continuity Management. It plays a crucial role to protect companies from the risks, which may occur due to unexpected disruptions or disasters.  It helps to demonstrate customers, prospective customers, regulators and other interested parties that your organization is adhered to good practice in BCM. Any organisation can be ISO 22301 certification accredited since it does not matter whether it is large or small, private or public.

  1.    Benefits Of ISO 22301 Certification Business Continuity Management
  •    It does not only help to identify, but manage current and future threats to your business too. They can cause of accident.
  •    It helps to maintain a proactive approach to minimizing the impact of incidents
  •    It makes a good image of the organisation and demonstrate resilience to potential customers, suppliers and for tender requests
  •    It demonstrates that your organisation keeps a close eye over functions
  •    The ISO 22301 certification is beneficial to minimize downtime during incidents.
  •    It also reduces the recovery time

What Is ISO 26000 Certification Social Responsibility -

This certification provides guidance on how any organization and business can run in a socially responsible way. It makes the organization to follow the ethical and transparent way in order contribute to the welfare of society and health both at the same time. The ISO 26000 serves a guidance rather than requirements and that is why it cannot be certified like other well-known ISO standards.

The globally recognized standards is responsible to clarify what is all about the social responsibility if you are an organization or business. It motivates and encourages businesses and organization to translate principles into effective actions. The globally recognized standard was developed to help organization to address those particular social responsibilities, which are relevant and significant. Holding this certification helps to enhance the value of organisation in front of the stakeholders, communities, employees and business associates. It can be applied to any organisation whether it is private or public, belong to profit or non-profit sectors, large or small. It becomes more beneficial as the core subject comprise various issues by which organization will be benefited.

Benefits Of ISO 26000 Certification Social Responsibility

  •    To build a social responsibility strategy which improves as well as add a value to organization.
  •    In order to manage social or environmental issues specific to your organization
  •    To motivate employees
  •    To get in the major market which always pay attention towards this certification.
  •    To win the trust and credibility of your business associates, employees and competitors.
  •    To carve out your image having a true inclination towards social responsibility
  •    OHSAS 18001 certification: Occupation Health & Safety Assessment Series/Management System
  1.    What Is OHSAS 18001 Certification

It is a globally recognized standard dedicated to occupational, health and safety management system series. This certification belongs to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Plan-DO-Check-Act structure. The organization wishes to be an OHSAS 18001 Certification accredited must have a health and safety management system compliant with the requirements of this standard. As per this standard, it is required for the organization to have appropriated health and safety policies, protocols and procedure in order to demonstrate that it is a safety conscientious organization.

This international occupational health and safety management system specification comprises two parts, which are 18001 and 18002. It was developed by great efforts from a number of the world’s distinguished national standards bodies, specialist consultancies, and certification bodies. The significant role of this certification can be evaluated as it helps in a variety of respects like minimize risk to employees, demonstrated diligence, fetch assurance etc.

  1.    Benefits of OHSAS 18001 Certification – Health and Safety Certification


  •    To boost up corporate images among potential customers, stakeholders, clients and public
  •    To ensure the health and well-being of staff, employees, and public
  •    To ensure about the international best practice
  •    It minimizes the liability of employers and risk of production delays
  •    To create the legislative awareness and compliance
  •    It helps to reduce accident and incident rates
  •    It plays a crucial role to diminish workplace hazards
  •    It motivates employee because of following a safer workplace.
  •    Safe environment is served
  1.    What is ISO 3834

The ISO 3834 certification stands for the Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic material. These days it has become mandatory to compliance ISO 3834 in order to scrutinize the welding quality of pipework, boilers, pressure vessels, construction products and the list goes on. As per this standard, it is required the manufacturer to highlight the competence of their welding coordinators and experts.

This kind of standard defines the quality requirements for the welding shops or factories in order to determine the quality oriented principles of the welding process of metallic materials. Holding this certificate is required for business in the field of installation and repair during production. Our certifying welders can match the several international standards as per the requirements and needs. To get the ISO 3834 certification, our technical expertise is all set to help you.

  1.    Benefit Of ISO 3834
  •    It increases the chances of entering several markets all across the world.
  •    It portrays a major role to lift up the welding quality.
  •    To decrease the quality defects as well as maintenance costs.
  •    Commitment towards matching legal and regulation needs.
  •    Stable and High quality of services rendered.
  •    To sell the construction product it is required to hold this certificate.
  •    In the context of saving cost and time, it is also favourable.
  •    ISO 3834 requires to boost up the ability of the manufacturing company or firm.
  •    Apart from it, this certificate also enhances the greater flexibility regarding the need and requirement of the customers.



  • What Is ISO 27001 Certification


The ISO 27001 Certification formally known as ISO/IEC 27001:2005. ISMS stands for Information Security Management System, which is a kind of framework having policies and producers that hold all legal, technical and physical control associate to an organisation’s information risk management process. The standard was developed in order to serve an ideal model for operating, monitoring, reviewing, establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an information security management system.

The globally recognised ISO 27001 information security management system is kind of a systematic and pro-active approach, which helps to effectively manage risk to the security of organisation’s confidential information. This certification portrays an enormous role to promote efficient management of sensitive corporate information of an organisation be it government or private.

This standard is dedicated to highlight vulnerabilities in order to ensure that the organisation adequately protected from potential threats. The ISO 27001 standard covers not only people/process, but IT system too. The organisation which wishes to be ISO 27001 accredited can achieve this certification taking a step toward enhancing the company’s security of its data and information.



  • Benefit Of ISO 27001 Certification



  • To reduce costs by avoiding incidents
  • To add value to your business
  • Having ISO 27001 certification means the organisation is trustworthy
  • It helps to build strong and cordial relationship with the customers, suppliers and business associates.
  • It is also beneficial to help your organization or company in order to coordinate all your security efforts in a great manner.
  • To win the trust of your customers that the organization is accountable towards your information.
  • To realise that you take security of their information seriously.

What Is ISO 39001 Certification : Road Traffic Safety

The ISO 39001 standard highlights the requirements for RTS, which stands for a Road Traffic Management System. This certification demonstrates that the organization is committed to reduce serious injuries and death cause by road traffic accidents. Holding this certification helps your organization to work more effectively with the road traffic system in order to bring the number of injuries and death down caused by traffic accidents. It demonstrates that the organization is committed towards public safety by minimizing traffic accidents.

This standard ISO 39001 has published by ISO and it is responsible towards road traffic safety. It is a kind of a practical tool for all kinds of organization like a government, vehicle fleet operators etc. It does not matter what is the size of your organization as any firm or business can apply to become ISO 39001 certification accredited. This standard serves the organization state-of-the-art requirements including various safety aspects vehicle condition, speed, and drivers awareness. This certification is beneficial for organizations, which are involved in road-safety oriented activities. It encourages the organization and business to serve its social responsibilities.

Benefits Of ISO 39001 Certification–

  •    If the organization is ISO 39001 certification accredited that means you are dedicated towards social reasonability.
  •    It helps to win the trust of your customers and stakeholders.
  •   It makes your stakeholders believe that you take targets seriously.
  •   It improves efficiency following the better management.
  •    It reduces cost through improving efficiency.
  •    To get recognized as an ISO 39001 certification accredited.

ISO certifications are globally recognised standards from international bodies that demonstrate the commitment of the company to quality and uniformity. Certification helps the companies in establishing productive business systems and processes that protect the resources of the company and help its business prosper. Customers and consumers trust companies that are ISO certified.

ISO certification signifies that a company is quality conscious and helps in winning the trust of the consumers. It also ensures that the systems and processes of the company are efficient and cost effective. We aid and assist businesses in obtaining certification of compliance with: ISO 3834, 17025, 9001, 14001, 20000, 20121, 21500, 22000, 26000, 27001, 28000, 29001, 31000, 50001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 etc. standards.

Our certification service will be optimised based on your requirements. If you already have a program for ISO certification, our services will help you in further streamlining your system. You may choose to opt for our services even in the middle of your process for preparing for certification.

Pre­ Certification Phase

  • Assessing your system and processes from the perspective of the relevant ISO & other standards
  • Highlighting the problem areas in the existing system based on our assessment, and
  • Identifying the solutions to plug the gaps in the existing system. 
The solutions provided by us are long term sustainable solutions. As part of our pre­certification services, you can opt for the following services depending on your needs:
  •  Gap Analysis : Gap analysis 
Gap analysis entails comparison of the current system of the company against the relevant international standard for the purpose of the finding the non­conformities in the system.
  •  Documentation : Documentation 
We prepare every documentation,  which was observed during Gap Analysis. Our Documentation management always vary client to client and case to case basis. Our DMS (Documentation Management System) aim to reduce time for preparing unwanted checklist and process. We also assist in maintenance of the respective ISO and other standard documents required for international standards.
  • Training: Training 
We train the internal team of the company in the basic principles and requirements under the relevant standard.
  •  Internal Audit : Audit 
We conduct internal and pre­assessment audits of the systems of the company in order to ensure that they meet the requirements of the international standard.
  • MRM (Management Review Meeting) : 
Finally Pre certificatIon ISO consultancy closed with MRM and gives an indication to move ahead for Certification Audit.
  • Certification Audit (Stage 1 & Stage 2): We support till recommendation is not getting from CB (Certification Body). Our high quality work helps our Clients to get certification without any major NC's. 

Certification Phase

During the process of certification, you can avail of our following services:

  • Assistance in deciding the ISO certification body
  • Help in successfully passing the audit for ISO certification, and
  • Guidance in fulfilling other formalities for obtaining the ISO certification.

We will ensure that all steps for obtaining the certification are completed in a timely manner. 
We also provide the relevant post certification services such as internal and third party audits, gap analysis, training etc. which ensure that you continue to meet the requirements of the ISO standards.