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Occupational health and safety (OHS) audits are very important for the companies who aim to maintain a positive health and safety environment in their offices and workplaces. OHS audits help in securing the safety of the employees, staff, customers and other people who use the workplace. They are also a legal obligation of the employers in almost all jurisdictions and sectors. OHS audits are critical for establishing a productive and efficient workplace for the employees.

Bhardwaj Group provides OHS audit services that assist the companies in keeping their workplaces safe and risk­free. We conduct annual, periodical as well as ad hoc audits for companies in all sectors and of all sizes. Our OHS audits provide the companies with clear goals and practical solutions for fulfilling their legal obligations and policy objectives in relation to the health, safety and environment.

The OHS audits are performed by our team of professionals who have the requisite training, knowledge and expertise to conduct, lead and plan thorough and specialised OHS audits. The OHS audits are conducted by our staff in an engaging and hands on manner and are customised according to the client’s requirements.


The wide range of OHS audit services provided by us include the following:

  •  audit of occupational health and safety management systems in the workplace;
  •  checking compliance with occupational health and safety laws including local laws, state 
laws, national laws and industry specific regulations;
  •  suggesting changes to the processes and systems in the workplace based on the latest 
amendments in the health and safety regulations;
  •  advising on setup of workstations and ergometry application in the workplace;
  •  highlighting the duties of the employers in maintaining healthy and safe environment in 
the workplace;
  •  risk assessments of exposure to hazards;
  •  quality assurance audits and checking for conformity against the baseline;
  •  ensuring that the workplaces of the client are hazard free;
  •  highlighting any risk of release of hazardous substances;


  •  monitoring compliance with industrial standards of health and safety; and 
fire, electrical and asbestos safety inspections.

As part of the OHS audit we conduct site visits, employee interviews, review of primary as well as secondary sources, surveys and detailed examinations. We ensure that the investigations carries out by us as part of the OHS audit are thorough and comprehensive. Based on our investigations, we suggest practical and cost­effective measures for improving the occupational health and safety management system of the company.

We prepare and present a comprehensive audit report in which we suggest measures for continued compliance with the OHS laws and baseline. We also suggest if any personal protective equipments are required. Further, we highlight any risks and hazards and provide measures to abate them. All training requirements are also mentioned in our audit reports. We make detailed recommendations regarding the measures that should be adopted by the company to improve its occupational health and safety systems.

We also provide post audit services to companies. In the post audit phase, we provide assistance to companies in implementing the suggestions of the auditors and in fulfilling their legal reporting requirements. We conduct regular follow ups for ensuring implementation of the suggestions. We prepare detailed action plans that help our clients in setting clear goals and in fulfilling those goals within appropriate timelines.

  • Risk Assessment Audit
  • Cold Storage Audit
  • Business Excellence Audit
  • Railway Audit
  • Public place Audit
  • Green Building Audit
  • Disaster Management Audit