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What Is ISO 39001 Certification : Road Traffic Safety

The ISO 39001 standard highlights the requirements for RTS, which stands for a Road Traffic Management System. This certification demonstrates that the organization is committed to reduce serious injuries and death cause by road traffic accidents. Holding this certification helps your organization to work more effectively with the road traffic system in order to bring the number of injuries and death down caused by traffic accidents. It demonstrates that the organization is committed towards public safety by minimizing traffic accidents.

This standard ISO 39001 has published by ISO and it is responsible towards road traffic safety. It is a kind of a practical tool for all kinds of organization like a government, vehicle fleet operators etc. It does not matter what is the size of your organization as any firm or business can apply to become ISO 39001 certification accredited. This standard serves the organization state-of-the-art requirements including various safety aspects vehicle condition, speed, and drivers awareness. This certification is beneficial for organizations, which are involved in road-safety oriented activities. It encourages the organization and business to serve its social responsibilities.

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  • If the organization is ISO 39001 certification accredited that means you are dedicated towards social reasonability.
  • It helps to win the trust of your customers and stakeholders.
  • It makes your stakeholders believe that you take targets seriously.
  • It improves efficiency following the better management.
  • It reduces cost through improving efficiency.
  • To get recognized as an ISO 39001 certification accredited.

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