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What Is ISO 38500 Certification

ISO 38500 certification explores the principles for directors of the organisation, whether it is directors, partners or senior executives about  the effective, acceptable and efficient use of information technology within their firm. It provides principle, model, and definition for all governing bodies to use when monitoring, directing and evaluating the use of IT in their business. This standard holds a number of sources including AS 8015, which possess six principles which establish responsibilities, plan to best support the organization, acquire validly, ensure perform when required, ensure conformance with rules and ensure respect for human factors. It is a globally recognized standard developed in order to guide corporate governance of information technology through a framework of practices for IT oversight. The motive behind developing this certification is to make IT governance a critical component of corporate governance. This certification derives from an earlier international standard , ISO 29382.

Benefits Of ISO 38500 Certification

  • It emphasizes on the accountability, ensuring and assigning all the IT risk, which helps your stakeholder to have trust on you.
  • Having the ISO 38500 standards helps to organize to apply appropriate measures and mechanisms.
  • It makes your clients trust you as it demonstrates that you are adhered to follow the latest data protection.
  • The certification emphasizes over the topic of IT governance.
  • ISO 38500-certification framework holds six guiding principles which require for good corporate governance.

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