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What is ISO 29001 certification

The ISO 29001 standard based on ISO 9001 and incorporate supplementary requirements revolves around the oil and gas supply chain. The organization of all sizes indulging within the oil and gas industry supply chain can be ISO 29001 accredited. This certification has been developed as a direct result of a partnership between ISO and the international oil and gas industry. It is dedicated towards design, installation, service of petroleum, production, reduction of variation and waste from natural gas product service providers. This certification is responsible for providing global consistency as well as improving assurance in the supply quality of goods and services from providers. This standard is applicable to all organizations indulged oil and gas industry supply chain. Having this certificate ensure standardization and improvement within the sector. It’s a kind of quality management system which discuss and demonstrates the right procedure. These days it has become essential to have ISO 29001 certification in this field because of the high level of quality is high in demand.


Benefits Of ISO 29001 Certification

  • For increasing contracts and prospects.
  • It is very helpful to demonstrate your commitments towards industry best practice to stakeholders.
  • It also improves the way you manage risk and increase performance.
  • ISO 29001 reduces waste in the supply chain, improves the quality and defect prevention.
  • This standard is required in order to secure contracts.

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