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What Is ISO 28000 certification: Security Management System

ISO 28000 certification has been developed in order to respond to the transportation and logistics industries, which require commonly applicable security management system dedicated to supply chain security. It is very helpful to assess security risks, mitigate arrangement in order to manage potential security threats, chain quality, safety etc. These days ISO 28000 certification is high in demand as a global transportation of goods has become very tough because of poses many threats for an organisation including smuggling, terrorism, theft etc. It fetches a number of benefits for the organisation without considering the size of the company. Having this standard allows you to respond to the increasing customer demands for proof of systematic security management. It boosts up the business’s confidence, reputation, image and growth.

Benefits of ISO 28000 certification: Security Management System

  • It helps to achieve a competitive advantage and win the trust of new business, customers and clients.
  • This standard also encourages business to secure their own processes within supply chains
  • Make your stakeholders trust you seeing that your organisation’s commitment towards safety of goods.
  • It allows management to keep a close eye over the finite resources in area of greatest concern.
  • It scripts a success story of the organisation’s security management practices along with international best practice.
  • It is also helpful to bring down the cost.
  • To improve efficiency across working practice.
  • It applies to any organisation whether it is involved in storage, transportation or manufacturing.

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