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What Is ISO 21500 Certification

The globally recognized certification is dedicated to guidance on project management, which is based on PMBOK framework. It covers the prominent five stages of the project lifecycle and they are Initiating, Planning, implementing, controlling and closing. The ISO 21500 standard provides a kind of guidance for project management, which can be used by any type of organization without considering its size whether it is public, community or private. This certification serves a high-level description of concepts and processes, which is required to form good practice in project management.

The ISO 21500 has been developed to target the senior managers, project sponsors, project management teams, project team managers, project managers etc.  The structure of ISO 21500 can be categorized into four clauses and they are dedicated to particular content. For instance, Clause 1 associates to the management of projects, Clause 2 is all about project management terms and their definitions, clause 3 explores the concept plays a significant role and clause 4 is dedicated to the project management process which should be applied to the whole process. It has been written in order to manage and improve the processes or a certain aspect.

Benefits of ISO 21500 Certification

  •  It encourages the people regarding the transformation of knowledge between projects and organization in order to improve the project delivery.
  •  It plays a crucial role to promote the flexibility of the project management employees.
  •  It enhances employee’s ability to work on international projects.
  •  To go along with the globally recognized project management principles and processes.

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