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What Is ISO 20121 Certification: Event Sustainability Management

The ISO 20121 certification plays a crucial role to minimize your impact not only on the environment but on local communities too. Apart from it, this certification also maximizes performance as well as trust from all stakeholders. It provides a kind of framework to figure out the potentially negative social, economic and environmental impacts of events by eliminating them. In order to create this certification, more than 30 countries and liaison bodies belong to event industry participated.

The ISO 20121 serves guidance and best practices regarding Event Sustainability Management in order to help you manage your event and control its economic, social and environmental impact easily. This certification has been developed in order to reduce the significant waste, which put a strain on local resources like energy, water etc. This certification helps to make your event sustainable without paying attention over its size.

Benefits Of ISO 20121

  •    It is helpful in order to cut costs through better energy and waste management
  •    It is integrated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to churn out better results
  •    The ISO 20121 certification inspired by London 2012, is committed to figure out the best ways to improve event planning and delivery
  •    This certification achieves best practice levels of efficiency and performance both at the same time.
  •    Holding ISO 20121 certification demonstrates roles and responsibilities for stockholders, business associates, staff, contractors and suppliers
  •    To minimize the negative impacts on the communities, local economy, and the environment.
  •    This certification is dedicated to maximize the positive impacts.

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