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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a leading UK based health and safety organisation that provides globally recognized certifications in health and safety. The IOSH Working Safely course trains employees and staff of an organisation about the health and safety issues faced by them in their workplace.

The IOSH Working Safely course offered by the Bhardwaj Group is easy to understand and is customised based on the particular health and safety issues that will be faced by the delegates in their workplaces. We also customise the difficulty of the course depending on the candidates. Our IOSH Working Safely course is favoured by the companies who want to improve the health and safety environment of their workplaces. It teaches their employees and staff to fulfill their health and safety roles and look after their and their colleagues’ safety.

Objective of the IOSH Working Safely Course

To train the delegates in identifying and addressing the health and safety issues faced by them in their workplaces and to avoid hazards and workplace accidents.

Who Should Attend

The IOSH Working Safely course is specifically geared towards employees and staff who face health and safety risks. In particular it should be attended by staff working at a height, trainees, machine operators, first line supervisors, non­industrial staff and office workers.

No prior training is required for this course.
Course Syllabus
The IOSH Working Safely course will cover the following topics:

  •  basic understanding of working safely principles;
  •  summary of the law relating to rights and responsibilities of workers and employers;
  •  learning about health, safety and environmental risks in the workplace;
  •  learning to identify and control hazards and risks in the workplace;
  •  fire safety and electrical safety;
  •  transportation safety;
  •  basic knowledge of health and safety systems;
  •  learning about occupational health and safety problems including physical and mental 
stress, workplace violence and bullying;
  •  understanding the role of the employee in mitigating health and safety risks;
  •  avoiding and health and safety mishaps in the organisation;
  •  dealing with emergencies and accidents including slips, trips and falls from working at heights;
  •  identifying occupational health and safety hazards faced by the candidate; and
  •  improving their health and safety performance. 
IOSH Working Safely training course is suitable for candidates at any level and in any sector. It is taught in a manner that is easy to understand because of its step­by­step instructions and lack of technical terminology. 
Skills Acquired 
The IOSH Managing Safely course offered by us helps the delegates in enhancing their following skills:
    •  Identifying health and safety risks and hazards in their workplaces;
    •  Avoiding occupational health and safety problems;
    •  Minimising the risks of workplace accidents and incidents;
    •  Fulfilling their health and safety responsibilities;
    •  Improving their health and safety performance; and
    •  Protecting and managing their environment, health and safety at their workplace. 
It also acts as a founder course for other health and safety courses and certifications such as NEBOSH certifications and other IOSH certifications. 
The duration of the IOSH Managing Safely course is three to four days. The course is also available as an e­learning module and a distance education course.