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We offer independent third-party scaffold inspection services for all types of scaffolds and accesses including those for

  1. Construction
  2. Domestic work
  3. High rise building
  4. Industrial undertakings and
  5. Street work etc.

We carry out scaffold inspection services for different kinds of projects and for offshore as well as local installations.

Our inspection services for scaffold testing are carried out by a team of certified and competent professionals who are trained in working at heights and manual handling.

We provide professional advisory and inspection services to scaffold contractors as well as individuals and companies who are getting scaffolds built by contractors.

Advantages of Scaffold Testing and Inspection Services

Third party inspection of scaffolds is very important for the purpose of minimising the risk of an accident and ensuring that the scaffold meets the legal standards. Independent inspection of the scaffolds is a legal requirement and it also helps in liability management in case of an accident and negligence claims. Inspection of the scaffolding is also crucial for the safety of the employees of the contractor who are working on the scaffolding.

It is important for the companies that have hired contractors for constructing the scaffolds to get the scaffold structure inspected by a qualified independent inspector who is hired by them. This will ensure that the company can rely on the inspection report of the inspector.

Frequency of Scaffold Testing
Scaffolding inspection should be carried out at the following times:

  •  before the first use;
  •  within seven days of the first use of the scaffold;
  •  within seven days of the last independent inspection of the scaffold;
  •  after an alteration in the scaffold; and
  •  after adverse weather conditions.
  • Inspection Services
Scaffold testing conducted by us includes testing of:  step ladders and ladders; scaffold ties, nets and other weather protection; harness and other fall arrest equipments; alloy towers, sole plates, base plates, safety decking systems and nets.

We test the percentage of ties, the strength of the ties and the manner of tying the scaffold. We also test the bracing of the scaffolds including transverse and facade bracing and the bracing of standards.

Our inspection services for scaffold testing comprise of the following:

  •  Site visits and survey of the scaffold;
  •  Inspection of the structure from a height;
  •  Inspection of the scaffold against the design plan;
  •  Maintaining photographic records of the scaffold;
  •  Inspecting the drawings of the layout of the scaffold;
  •  Giving an inspection certificate;
  •  Testing signs of buckling and plumbness;
  •  Providing a comprehensive report based on the scaffold testing;
  •  Signing off on scafftags for a visual record of the inspection;
  •  Maintaining scaffold inspection registers and ledgers;
  •  Providing necessary support to the contractor to ensure that the scaffold meets the 
current legal requirements; and
  •  Preparing a detailed report of each inspection of the scaffold and of the findings from the 
We conduct one­off inspections of the scaffold, on­site anchor pull out testing as well as weekly or periodic inspections of the scaffold. We also provide scaffold inspection services required in case of a dispute or legal claim. Our scaffold testing and inspection service will confirm that the scaffold is safe for use and meets the legal regulations governing scaffolds