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Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) is a systematic tool for identifying potential hazards or operational issues that could lead to products that do not conform to the standards. HAZOP is frequently adopted for HS&E risk assessment.

It very clearly points out the risks involved to people or equipment under certain working conditions. The HAZOP study is more attuned towards a production based scenario and hence imperative to understand potential risks and threats. The HAZOP technique is qualitative, and aims to stimulate the imagination of participants to identify potential hazards and operability problems. It is imperative for any business especially of a hazardous nature to go for a HAZOP study.

Our highly qualified and skilled team will use HAZOP to identify systematic risks and hazards in your operations or start-up. We will also provide solutions for the risks identified by us. Through HAZOP we can identify how the operations or the system are nonconforming and a risk for the resources. As part of HAZOP analysis we will study the background information, meet your management or supervisor to discuss the strategy for identifying various sub-systems, conduct the HAZOP review and provide a report with the identified risks and proposed solutions.

Bhardwaj Hazop study help you to run your business securely, decrease the danger of Accidents, enhance spirit, improve your wellbeing society and have an immediate positive impact on your primary concern.

Bhardwaj has completed different Hazop studies, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and wellbeing reviews according to the necessities of National/ International gauges