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HAZOP is basically for safety Hazards are the main concern. Operability problems degrade overall performance. Considerable engineering insight is required – different working independently could develop different results. It very clearly points out the risks involved to people or equipment under certain working conditions. The HAZOP study is more attuned towards a production based scenario and hence imperative to understand potential risks and threats. The HAZOP technique is qualitative, and aims to stimulate the imagination of participants to identify potential hazards and operability problems. It is imperative for any business especially of a hazardous nature to go for a HAZOP study.

 Any industry needs to recognize the potential Hazards and operability issues brought about by 'deviations from the outline goal' to necessities control measures for overseeing dangers. Occasional Risk Assessment and Hazop Study permit orderly survey of association's wellbeing administration framework to get thought regarding the status of security administration framework and to take suitable remedial measures to lessen level of dangers. Our danger evaluation provides for you true serenity as you know you are following the law, you realize that your staff are prepared, you realize that you have done everything sensibly practicable to secure staff (and others) and you have recorded that.

Bhardwaj Hazop study help you to run your business securely, decrease the danger of Accidents, enhance spirit, improve your wellbeing society and have an immediate positive impact on your primary concern. By distinguishing what exercises, substances, hardware, and so forth could result in mischief and who to, you can then choose on the off chance that you are doing what's needed to control that damage. Here and there it may mean evacuating the damage totally, for example, poisonous exhaust, different times it may mean a mixture of gatekeepers, safe frameworks, and preparing and defensive gear, for example, when utilizing apparatus.

Bhardwaj has completed different Hazop studies, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and wellbeing reviews according to the necessities of National/ International gauges.

Any other customized Audit as per client’s requirement Globally

Our highly expert auditors verify the client ability to meet: the quality, safety; environmental, occupational health and safety; social responsibility. This may be on a project basis or job specific basis or long term contract.

We have strong skills in second party audits. Our specialized team and their fitforpurpose custom criteria are attuned to take care of   particular needs and our global network of multiskilled auditors check performance. They work with you to ensure your brand equity and company values.

The steps in your customized audit will typically include the following:

  1. Bhardwaj auditors set the tone for the audit program which transforms the customer needs into certain rationalized criteria based on the control levels internally and externally.
  2. The audit is conducted off site and/or on site, based on agreed audit requirements
  3. On completion of the audit, our company auditor provides an audit report that is also submitted to our technical reviewer to review and approve it prior to sending it to all relevant parties as per contractual requirements
  4. Ongoing monitoring audits will be performed as per the agreement

Our second party audits give you the confidence of knowing that everyone involved in your food operation is working to maintain the integrity of your brands. Our comprehensive audits also analyze your opportunities to foster continuous improvement of your systems, and the performance criteria you need to better meet your customers’ requirements.