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Why it is required the main purpose of the fault tree analysis is to help identify potential causes of system failures before the failures actually occur. It can also be used to evaluate the probability of the top event using analytical or statistical methods. These calculations involve system quantitative reliability and maintainability information, such as failure probability, failure rate and repair rate. After completing an FTA, you can focus your efforts on improving system safety and reliability. When you perform an FTA, you systematically determine what happens to the system when the status of a part or another factor changes.

Shortcoming Tree Analysis is recognized as a key apparatus for expanding security. It is one of a kind and essential in breaking down dangers and deciding different blends of fittings, programming, and human slip disappointments that bring about a defined danger or framework disappointment. Issue tree investigation is valuable both in outlining new items/administrations and in managing distinguished issues in existing items/administrations. In the quality arranging process, the dissection could be utilized to streamline methodology gimmicks and objectives and to outline for discriminating variables and human blunder. As a major aspect of methodology change, it might be utilized to help recognize main drivers of inconvenience and to plan cures and countermeasures.

We can use after steps to do FTA

  • Understand the rationale prompting the top occasion/ undesired state.
  • Show agreeability with the (information) framework wellbeing/ dependability necessities.
  • Prioritize the donors prompting the top occasion creating the Critical Equipment/Parts/Events records for distinctive imperativeness measures.
  • Monitor and control the wellbeing execution of the complex framework (e.g., is a specific airplane protected to fly when fuel valve x glitches? For to what extent would it say it is permitted to fly with the valve breakdown?).
  • Minimize and upgrade assets.
  • Assist in outlining a framework. The FTA could be utilized as a configuration apparatus that serves to make (yield/ lower level) prerequisites.
  • Function as a symptomatic device to recognize and right reason for the top occasion. It can help with the production of diagnostic manuals / processes.