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Environmental auditing is an important tool for reducing the impact of business activities of an organisation on the environment without compromising on the efficiency of the organisation. Environmental auditing reduces the production costs and the occupational health and safety issues of the organisation. It also enables the companies to comply with the large number of complex laws and standards dealing with different aspects of the environment. Environmental auditing helps the companies in reducing their potential liabilities. It is also important for reducing the risks of environmental mishaps that lead to bad publicity and business losses for the company.

Bhardwaj Group provides a wide range of environmental auditing services to all types and size of organisations and plants such as the companies in

  • The aeronautical sector
  • The power and energy sector
  • The construction sector
  • The manufacturing sector
  • The chemical sector
  • The oil & gas sector etc.

Our environmental auditing services are customised based on the requirements of the organisation and the sector.

We conduct auditing and assessment of different aspects of environmental management including the following:

  •  waste management;
  •  air, water or land pollution;
  •  emissions and sewer discharge;
  •  energy use;
  •  transportation;
  •  release of greenhouse gases;
  •  release of hazardous and potentially hazardous substances;
  •  soil and groundwater contamination; and
  •  contingency and risk planning. 
Our environmental auditing services have application for individual plants and sites as well as for the entire department, company or group. We also conduct environmental auditing of suppliers and contractors. Companies are required to conduct environmental auditing of their third party contractors as any non­compliances by the contractors could result in legal liability for the company. 
As part of the environmental audit, we conduct on­site inspection, review of the relevant

documents, audit interviews and review of the business processes of the company. We also assess the environmental policies and practices of the company.

Based on the environmental audit conducted by us, we prepare a detailed audit report. Our audit report and post audit services include the following:

  •  assessment of the compliance with the baseline identified by the company;
  •  providing long term, medium term and short term goals for environmental compliance;
  •  preparing action report for ensuring compliance with the environmental laws or the 
  •  identifying training needs and conducting training if mandated by the client;
  •  assisting the organisation in implementing an environmental management system such 
ISO 14001:1997;
  •  providing support in implementing the suggestions and the action plan;
  •  follow­up for ensuring implementation of the suggestions and the action plan;
  •  assessing the company’s potential liabilities in case of non­compliance; and
  •  presentation of the findings to the management. 
We provide cost effective and practical solutions that help the organisations in improving their environmental systems. The environmental audit is conducted by our team of experts who have the knowledge and experience required for providing unique solutions for sustainable business activities.