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Electrical accidents can cause huge damage to a business in form of legal penalties, employee absenteeism and loss and harm to the resources of the company. They also create bad publicity and lead to loss of business. It is crucial for all companies to ensure that their electrical systems are safe and secure.

ESA helps in mitigating the risk of electrical accidents and reduces failure of electrical installations and equipments. Further, periodic electrical safety audits ensure that the electrical systems of the company are working efficiently.

We help the clients in monitoring compliance with the laws and international standards and thereby avoiding legal penalty. Using our post audit services will help in reducing the risk of electrical accidents such as short circuiting, electrical fire, electrical shock etc.; and will help the company in avoiding legal penalty.

Bhardwaj Group of Safety & Consultancy Services carries out ESA on a regular as well as ad­hoc basis for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. The electrical safety audit is carried out by our experienced and specialised team.

Opting for regular ESA is a prudent business choice for any business. It is also a mandatory legal requirement in most jurisdictions. Carrying out regular electrical safety audit creates a safer working environment, wins the trust of the employees and the customers, and helps in avoiding unnecessary business loss.

Process of Electrical Safety Audit

The ESA is carried out in a professional and streamlined manner by our team. The entire process is customised based on the organisation and the mandate given by our client.

1. Review

Our auditor carries out a thorough examination and testing of the electrical installations and electrical equipment in the premises. The auditor analyses the business processes and the working environment of the company. The auditor conducts inspection of the premises, review of documents, verification of the records and interviews.

2. Recording

During the electrical safety audit, the auditor records the work practices and business processes of the company. The auditor also notes the details of all electrical installations and electrical equipments of the company. In particular, the auditor records details of all non­compliances and dangerous or risky installations or practices.

3. Audit Report

We prepare and present an audit report based on the findings of our audit team. The audit report consists of the following:

  •  details of all electrical hazards;
  •  list of accident prone electrical installations;
  •  risks in the electrical system of the organisation and the priority of addressing the risks;
  •  gaps in compliance with legal requirements and best practices in the electrical safety;
  •  the identified work practices or business processes that should or should not be 
continued for ensuring electrical safety in the workplace;
  •  suggestions for addressing the risks and non­compliances highlighted in the report;
  •  findings relating to maintenance needs, design features and training requirements;
  •  recommendations on improvements in the electrical systems; and
  •  details of practices that can help in increasing the life of electrical equipments and 
We provide post audit services in which we assist the companies in implementing the findings of the audit report within the required timeline. The electrical safety audit is beneficial only if the observations and findings of the report are addressed promptly.