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Bhardwaj Group provides expert environmental health and safety (EHS) advisor services to companies to assist them in conducting their business in a sustainable manner. Our EHS Advisor Services are designed to provide comprehensive support to companies for fulfilling all their health, safety and environmental requirements.

We provide EHS Advisor Services to companies who do not have an in­house health and safety department as well as to those companies that need additional support for their existing EHS professionals. We also provide EHS Advisor Services to companies for specific projects for which they need specialised assistance or for which their in­house EHS staff does not have the requisite bandwidth.

We offer a wide range of EHS Advisor Services to companies. We provide a one stop shop to
our clients that caters to all their EHS advisory requirements. We offer customised packages depending on the nature of the EHS Advisor Services that the client needs. Our clients can opt for bundling our EHS Advisor Services contract with other health and safety services provided by the Bhardwaj Group.

We provide legal compliance assistance to companies in complying with the health, safety and environmental laws on a day­to­day basis. As part of this EHS Advisor service, we coordinate with the employees of the company and with various regulatory bodies to ensure that the company fulfills its legal obligations. We also assist in interpreting the EHS laws and keeping up to date with the regulatory changes in EHS laws.

As part of our EHS Advisor Services package, our clients can pick and choose from the following services:

  •  Assistance in managing workplace hazards, emergencies and accidents;
  •  Periodic audits and reviews;
  •  Assistance in documentation management;
  •  Advise on health and safety policy, procedures and instruction manuals of the company;
  •  Induction and training for the employees of the company;
  •  Regular update on changes in the health and safety laws;
  •  Regular briefing reports on the changes in the EHS laws;
  •  Telephonic advice and support to: (i) the employees, (ii) the in­house EHS department, 
and (iii) the management of the company;
  •  Fire and electrical safety consultancy;
  •  Acting as first party, second party and third party auditors in mandatory as well as 
voluntary audits;
  •  Project management health and safety services; and
  •  Acting as ‘competent person’ for the company under various EHS regulations. 
The companies that opt for our EHS Advisor Services contract enjoy the benefit of dedicated customer support and priority service. We also ensure that there is one point contact within our company that helps the client in all their health and safety needs. The terms of our EHS Advisor Services contract are customised based on the requirements of each company. We provide our clients with detailed invoices and timesheets for our time spent under the contract to ensure complete transparency.