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Bhardwaj Group of Safety & Consultancy Services (BGSCS) provides a comprehensive range of consultancy and analytical services for health, safety, environment, quality and risk management for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

 Why opt for HS&E consultancy services?

Since the introduction of various laws governing health, safety and environmental aspects of businesses and rise of many international voluntary standards and best practices, it has become imperative for all companies to ensure effective HS&E management in their organisations. HS&E management is important to ensure legal compliance, a good working culture and building customer as well as employee relationships. HS&E management has become an important aspect of good corporate governance
practices for all business establishments. Seeking professional help in HS&E management will help you to achieve the best possible sustainable HS&E culture at your organisation.

Why choose Bhardwaj Group as your HS&E consultant?

We will provide you with practical, cost effective and achievable HS&E sustainability solutions that are tailor made for your organisation. Our team of team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled consultants will guide your organisation and business achieves a strong and sustainable HS&E culture.

We will constantly work as your active partners to understand your needs and modify our services for your maximum benefit. If required, we will work with your existing duty holders and monitor, support, advice and guide planning and implementation of HS&E solutions.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you ongoing regular support or a one­time project assistance. You can pick and choose from our wide range of services that are listed below:

  • Legal Compliance Review (when click here jump to below details)
  • Gap Analysis
: (when click here jump to below details)
  • Training Needs Analysis : (when click here jump to below details)
  • Contractor EHS Survey: (when click here jump to below details)
Fire Risk Assessment : (when click here jump to below details)
  • HAZOP Study and Analysis : (when click here jump to below details)