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Construction sites are hazardous and dangerous workplaces and there are many health and safety risks faced on construction sites. Some of the hazards at construction sites include risk from hazardous substances and injuries to the workmen from equipments and tools.

There are various strict industry specific regulations and guidelines that govern health and safety on construction sites. Accidents and mishaps on construction sites can have serious legal consequences for the supervisors, site coordinators and the company.

As a result, it is important for companies to ensure health and safety on their construction sites. We provide construction site consultancy services to various companies. Our expertise and experience in the health and safety field helps our clients in mitigating the health and safety risks on their construction sites.

The construction site services provided by us are designed to suit the nature and time schedule of each project. We provide guidance and support during each stage of the construction. Our specialists directly work with the supervisors, project managers, employee representatives, contractors etc. to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements and adherence to the project schedule.

The construction site health and safety services provided by us include the following services:

  •  Review of laws, guidelines and standards applicable to the project;
  •  Site safety audit and evaluations include site hazard analysis and inspection of the 
  •  Induction, workshops and training to the employees and the supervisors on the topics of 
(i) health and safety and (ii) operation of equipments;
  •  Contractor and vendor management services and advice on the competency of the 
  •  Regular status reports and maintenance of health and safety file;
  •  Assistance in developing a health and safety management system for the project;
  •  Conducting hazards risk analysis for each hazard;
  •  Regular reviews and inspections of the site, equipments, workers and documents;
  •  Assistance during any accidents or emergencies on the construction site including 
accident investigation services and preparation of report;
  •  Advise on the health and safety policy for the construction site;
  •  Conducting cost benefit analysis for different measures to mitigate the risks and hazards 
on the construction site;
  •  Preparation for emergencies at the construction site such as (i) establishing emergency response plan, (ii) providing first aid and (iii) conducting emergency drills;
  •  Identifying the hazards at the construction site and suggesting methods for preventing them;
  •  Establishing procedures for examining the fitness and health of the workers;
  •  Advise on health and safety issues during the construction phase plan development;
  •  Informing the workers about various health hazards on the work site;
  •  Reviewing the contracts with third parties and assigning responsibilities between the 
project parties for maintaining health and safety; and
  •  Developing safe work practices and processes and creating awareness about them 
among the workers and supervisors.
  • Our wide range of construction site services ensure that all the health and safety requirements of the company during the construction phase are met by us. The construction site services provided by us ensure that our expert assistance is available for handling all health and safety issues that arise on the construction site.