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A thorough investigation of accidents in workplaces is important for identifying the cause of the accident so that the organisation can take corrective actions to prevent such accidents from occurring in future. Accidents usually happen due to unforeseeable circumstances or hazards that are not detected during the audits or planning. Accident investigation will highlight the hazards and risks that were previously overlooked. Accident investigation should be given top priority by the companies as the employers have a duty towards their employees to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Bhardwaj Group provides accident investigation services that ensure that the workplace accidents are investigated thoroughly and impartially. We have the requisite expertise and knowledge in the health and safety field for: determining the hazards that led to the accident and 
suggesting measures that can be taken by the company to prevent such accidents from 
occurring in future. 
Our accident investigation services include investigations of situations which had the potential of causing harm but the harm did not occur. Such situations are called ‘near miss’. For example, if during the operation of an equipment, the operator suffered an electric shock but the electric shock did not lead to injury, such a situation is a ‘near miss’. It is important to investigate near misses in order to prevent damage or harm in future. 
As part of the accident investigation, we provide the following services:

  •  Interviewing the personnel who were injured in the accident or witnessed the accident;
  •  Visiting the site of the accident;
  •  Determining the cause of the accident and identifying the policy, processes, equipments 
or activities that led to the accident;
  •  Identifying any possible harm to the environment due to the accident such as leakage of 
hazardous substances in soil;
  •  Identifying any emergency actions required for preventing further damage to the 
  •  Suggesting measures to prevent similar accidents in future;
  •  Preparing an accident investigation report;
  •  Identifying any regulatory notifications or filing required for the accident; and
  •  Following up and coordinating with the responsible personnel for ensuring that the 
corrective measures are adopted .
  • We prepare a detailed accident investigation report in which we highlight the hazards that led to 
the accident. We provide details of the investigation and present all the facts and events leading to the accident. In our report, we suggest measures for corrective action.The corrective action required in case of accidents that occur due to unsafe activities of the employees is adequate training for the employees. The training will be required not only for those involved in the accident, but also for all the other employees who are involved in the same activities.

We assist companies in implementing the corrective actions suggested on basis of the findings of the accident investigation. We prepare an action plan for the company and conduct follow up to ensure implementation of the corrective action. We also conduct a risk analysis of possible harm from the accident. Accident investigation by Bhardwaj Group helps the companies to address the causes of the accidents in an effective and efficient manner.